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4 years ago
Its comicle how bad this is
3 years ago
How fake this is tho
Joseph gaming 2 years ago
OOOH NOOOO - Joseph joestar
Wow 6 years ago
Gonna hurt when she poops. Imagine the hair ball too...lol
Anonymous 3 years ago
Whose fucked up, sick, twisted mind came up with this shit?
Matt36 2 years ago
That is the nasty thing I have ever seen people like that need to be in hell im done with this sh!t
... 2 years ago
Well this is enough internet
Sassy 3 years ago
This is so nasty
Dean Winchester 1 year ago
I am ashamed with myself but I need to find this son of a bitch, whatever the fuck it is, and I need to gank this motherfucker
..... 1 year ago
I think they need to get better at editing